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November 16, 2013
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It was a Friday night and a man was just having a night out in the city before going on a road trip into the Australian desert outback. It was close to midnight and there were people everywhere having been to restaurants, or the theaters, and some were heading home. Taxis were becoming increasingly busy as the buses started on their last runs for the night.

Many young people continued drinking in the hotels or clubs, enjoying themselves. However, as the night wore on, there was a gradual increase in the amount of social tension, with minor scuffles occurring, whether over some perceived slight, or over a member of the opposite sex perhaps. The best and worst of us was being showcased for all to see as police moved at the fringes of the activities to ensure everyone was as safe as possible.

As the man watched, from the periphery of his gaze he saw swiftly moving shadows, barely discernible shadowy artifacts in a relatively picture-perfect scene. This was his dark gift, he realized, to see and sense that which most people were quite unaware. To see through certain curtains into other realities.

So, as the early hours of the morning advanced, the man finally decided that he had enough, and heading for the car park, drove the relatively short distance to the edge of the city, home. With the trip ahead he wanted to ensure that he had a somewhat early night.

After a short but refreshing sleep he was up, taking a light breakfast before starting off on what would be a three or four day journey. Heading west he soon cleared the city and started driving through the rural fringes where cattle, sheep and other domestic animals could be seen, as well as the many crops that were the bread basket of the urban sprawl.

After a day or so he had cleared several large towns and the landscape changed. Now generally flat, it was also red, the color of the Australian outback. Starting each day early in the morning he also had to ensure that he traveled carefully so as not to hit any kangaroos which may bound onto the road during their feeding time. Taking a light lunch he would then drive for another hour or so before stopping for day because the heat of the afternoon sun slanting directly into the vehicle.

Within another day or so he had gone off the main roads, and the track he was traveling on was pitted and dusty. He had been caught in a dust storm which forced him to stop as visibility dropped to almost zero. Overall though it had not been too bad, the effect was some minor pitting of the wind screen because of the force of the dust in the wind.

Eventually he reached an isolated camp site. Amenities were extremely basic, but he needed little, having bought food, drink and any other requirements for spending a night or two. He had eaten little over the last few days in preparation for what lay ahead, and now being mid-afternoon, he just had some tea and waited for nightfall.

Sunset was followed by the quiet time of dusk before night closed in completely, and darkness pressed all around him as he was now far from the lights of any city or town. In a short time, however, the sky filled with stars, in the bright, clear, cloudless canopy above. He sat looking upward until one star in particular seemed to burst into a bright light that eclipsed those around it.

Then, startled, the man realized that another, like a man, but dressed in white, stood before him. Tall, with barely visible features, the sight of him turned the man's stomach to water through fear and he fell to the ground.

"Don't be afraid", said the being. "Why are you here, what is it that you seek?"

"I have come to find Wisdom", stammered the man. "She promised that for those who seek her, She would come to them. That I would gain understanding and follow the path that is, right!"

"I see", said the being. "Perhaps then, you should look inward, to that which is within you, and consider whether you are worthy."

A pause followed, the man knew not how long, but the stars continued to shine, although now there were various and many lightnings, here and there, all over. Gradually he realized he was now gazing inward, looking at the make-up of his own inner self, revealed as pinpoints of light in the darkness, with sparks pulsing between them. He was inside his own mind.

The being stood to one side, smiling. "Come", he said, "let's walk".

And so they did, for minutes, hours, days it seemed, yet without any sense of tiring. The mind was like a palace, laid out in hundreds and hundreds of rooms, all off long corridors, and up and down stairways. Movement, however, seemed effortless, as if they were walking along a moving walkway that transported them in any desired direction. The air was pleasantly warm and everything well lit from what seemed like a constant electrical storm with extraordinary lightning flashes all around. The man noticed a misty sensation, reddish vapor clouds forming, swirling and dissipating in concert with the electrical storm that ‘gently raged’ all around.

Much of what he saw the man recognized and recalled. Actions taken, thoughts, ideas, memories, plans, all sorts of things. Some rooms seemed very special. One, beautifully decorated, contained the images and visual memory of a woman kissed, with a sweet sense of perfume in the air. Another room, draped in black and blue, drew forth other feelings, caring, regret, unfinished business, perhaps. Other magnificent rooms of indigo blue and yellows, full of images and wonderfully written with texts of swirling hues, and sparkling from endless points of light in a way that overwhelmed the senses.

Yet other rooms were dark, and the man felt a sense of foreboding as he passed, as if of a bad memory suppressed for now, while yet others were redolent of melancholy, or mourning. As a counterpoint many doorways spoke of happiness, things successfully finished, and so it went. Many were obviously archive points, filled with data streams, living texts, much of which he recognized, although in parts they could be hard to read, as if aged, less important than they were, or just unimportant.

The man now realized what a visual person he was. The rooms and hallways were like a vast art gallery hung with images that, while sometimes static, they typically moved and shimmered and spoke of the vast reservoir of his memories. Most were like movies running in real time, merging with each other, discrete, yet intersected and shot through by the data streams. Altogether it was a kaleidoscope of intense color, laid out like a three-dimensional chess set with elements moving as necessary to accommodate and reflect thoughts, feelings and sensory input.

Reflecting on the massive and spectacular activity and display he could not help but think it was evident that at this cellular level the building blocks and coding to produce such a magnificent cathedral-like palace suggested an architect, intelligent design.  

At last they came to an area where the air was quite unclear, as the red vapor becoming denser. Before them however, was an incredible sight. A silver column rose like a very powerful water spout, spinning and twisting, so high it disappeared from sight, seemingly through the top of his head. Beyond the silver column was a black abyss. As they watched, the vapor, now completely shot through with electrical pulses, flowed from the abyss and through to the rooms of the man's mind. Not that the flow was one way; rather it was like a tide ebbing and flowing, but it was all happening so fast that time was measured at light speed. As they stood the sounds of the incredible outpouring of all this energy flowed over them, it was if they were standing at the epicenter of a great storm.

"What is all this? where are we?" asked the man.

"This is 'you', the locus of your very being. It is the area of your mind, your brain, where the two hemispheres of your neo-cortex meet with the silver cord, and your old brain. The silver cord is your spiritual link with the infinite, and the abyss beyond is your old brain which controls almost everything you do, but you are not permitted to have access to it, of course. Once, in the ancient times, men and women could utilize almost all of their abilities and functions, but this was forfeited! Here lies the great metaphor, the Tri-unity realized in your body, soul, and spirit, working in unison to form who you are!" replied the being.

"How am I to have wisdom when so much is denied me, with most of my faculties crippled as they are?" cried the man.

"You think wisdom is unreachable?"

"Yes! No, I still seek Her!"

"Then what can you do?" replied the being. "Can you control all your actions and desires, catalogue and classify all your emotions and memories, and quantify the range of feelings you are able to express?"  

"That's impossible!"

"Yes", said the being, "it is. However, you have been given the capacity to choose, accept, and experience the second birth, and you have now actively sought wisdom. This is why we traveled throughout your mind, so that you might gain the great gift of insight, and understanding of yourself, the essentials pillars of wisdom."

"Now, return to the city of lights, and once there you will find souls who will beseech you to silence the voice of legion, stem the constant flow of blood of those so afflicted, evict tenants who seek unlawful refuge, and other similar works. You sought wisdom, now She has been made manifest to you, and in you."

So the man slept. On waking he looked toward the east, with the giant red orb of the rising sun sitting in a brilliantly blue, cloudless sky, bleeding into the red dust of the great Australian outback. Then he donned the mantle of power given to him and returned to the urban wastelands where evil crouched, waiting.
Just a textual self indulgence, a juxtaposition of the banal and mystery [which defines us], and about that which may lie along the right-hand path, in contra-diction to that which might be on the left...  
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Writto Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Quite stimulating to imagination, evoking colourful and even smellful images, nicely done!

Interesting that your wisdom is a She. I wouldn't be so surprised if it was written in Polish, because "wisdom" as the word "wiedza" is feminine. I was expecting "It" though... hmm... Or maybe I am not that surprised? It does seem more feminine than masculine in a way, more enigmatic, elusive, hard to get, changeable... But still, regardless of being feminine or not, I don't remember Her making a promise 
that for those who seek her, she would come to them. For me it seems that the further I seek, the farther She seems to wave and smile at me from... Are you sure it was Her to make such a promise? ;) Well, perhaps I am not seeking in the right way, that is also possible...

And interesting too how at one point your mind (because I'm assuming it was a journey into your mind) seemed to have merged with deviantART :D Makes some sense - I can imagine that after such an amount of time, conversations, exchanges, actions, points, llamas, cakes, sparkles, feelings and multiple names you've put into this site it would have to become a part of your mind, even if somewhat external.

I'm not sure what the silver column is supposed to represent, if it does represent something. However, even if it doesn't, it still was one of the stronger images :thumbsup:

And I'd bet that you put that yellow room in there just before you allowed this text to be found, it stands out too sparkling brightly! :P :lol:

PS  propos visiting a mind palace:… ;)
viteaz Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013
Tch, you are bored! Proverbs 4:6-16, Ecclesiastes 12:6. Yellow room? Guilty, but it's a ripper of a concept, ya gotta admit! :iconkirbydance2plz: 
Writto Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oooooh! Makes sense, in Polish I wouldn't even notice that they deliberately chose Wisdom to be a She in the Bible... Which is, for the purposes I suppose it was done for, a neat idea - and lost in translation, shame!
Yes indeed, I believe it has improved the value of the text in the eye of its readers a great deal and it has truly become one of its finest highlights, at the same time bringing marketing to a whole new level of experience! You bastard! :P
viteaz Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013
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